9 Things to look for when Donating your Car to Charity

When the decision is made to donate a car or other vehicle to charity in Ontario or Winnipeg, the question you might ask yourself is - “Which car donation for charity company should I donate to?” This is a valid question and we have put together a list of things to look for and consider in the process.

With more and more charities and car donation companies coming into the marketplace, it’s best to do your due diligence and make the right decision.

Things to consider when donating your car for kids, cancer, mental health, feed the hungry or even rescue a dog:

1. Is the company website easy to navigate and understand and are the customer service agents providing exceptional service 24/7/365?

2. Read Google reviews about the car donation for charity company (not the charity itself).
Every car donation company has their best reviews on their website. Go to Google Maps to read honest reviews - good, bad and mediocre - from past donors. Or do a Google search on the name of the company to see what you can learn. Then make your decision.

3. Investigate the charity you are donating to? i.e. Who are they? What do they do? Can you pick the charity from a small list? What will your vehicle donation pay for?
Go to the charity website. What is their mission and objective? What will your donation pay for? i.e. A minimum donation will pay for a Food 4 Kids child to be fed each weekend for the entire school year, or a Speaking of Dogs’ senior dog will be rescued, vetted and receive it’s shots before being placed in a home, 100 Boys & Girls Clubs children will be fed snacks after school for a three week period with just one used car donation etc.

4. Is the charity Canadian? Are your donated funds remaining in Canada?
If you are in Canada, the assumption would be you are donating to a Canadian charity and the money remains in Canada. Review the Canada Revenue Agency website to ensure the charity you are donating to is a legitimate Canadian registered charity. You should make sure that the donation dollars from your vehicle is used to help Canadians. Google the charity’s reviews in order to ensure all the money stays in Canada. Or just ask. Be aware that some car donation companies may have Canadian addresses but are in fact US based and ALL the money from your car goes back to the US.

5. Is the list of charities small enough that it’s manageable to navigate and will your donation make a financial impact?
If the list of charities is small and varied, it will. However, if too large of a list, it will be hard for your car donation to make any significant impact on the charities. Many charities on a long laundry list can go unnoticed.

6. Is the company providing a fair value tax receipt of your car?
Over-evaluation can be an issue with CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) for the donor, as well as, the charity. The biggest tax receipt doesn’t always mean the best. Some will even underestimate the value providing a receipt as small as $50. This is an under-evaluation. Think fair value for your car. Cars 4 Cures will always offer a fair value assessment of the vehicle. This reduces all risk of exposure to an audit and cancellation of the tax receipt. The charity will issue the tax receipt.

7. Is the donation process quick, seamless and one call? Or is there a third party call to book your tow and process your car at a later date?
At Cars 4 Cures, your tow is booked when you call to donate in most territories. There is no such thing as waiting days for a second call to book your tow. One short call should take care of the entire process. Read Cars 4 Cures previous blog on the steps to donate here.

8. Is the company environmentally friendly? Do they reduce, reuse and recycle?
When you donate your old vehicle, every part of that vehicle should be recycled. At Cars 4 Cures, we:

  • Reuse all steel and aluminum, saving energy required to create new parts
  • Responsibly dispose of all fluids, preventing leaching into soil
  • Reuse or repurpose all spare auto parts, reducing the size of landfills

9. Is the company you are donating to in the business of fundraising or in the business of recycling your car and an expert in doing so?
A charity is not an expert in recycling an old car. Cars 4 Cures is in existence for the sole purpose to accept, process and recycle your old junk car on behalf of a select few charities in cities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Burlington, Brampton, Hamilton, Niagara region, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Barrie, Winnipeg and the rest of the Southern and Southwestern Ontario region. Let the experts do this work and cut the charity a cheque when it’s all done.

More Questions?
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