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Celebrating Five Years of Helping Kids Get the Nourishment They Need

Cars 4 Cures is proud to make a difference in the lives of Canadians by partnering with recognized and esteemed charities in Toronto, Southern Ontario and Winnipeg, among other regions. Did you know that your car donation could help eliminate child hunger and provide at-risk students with the same opportunities to grow, excel and thrive as their peers?

Cars 4 Cures is honoured to be partnered with Food4Kids in Hamilton who is celebrating five years of helping children receive the nourishment they need.

Their Mission

Breaking the cycle of poverty—that is the chief motivation behind Food4Kids. Thanks to an outpouring of donations from individuals, groups and small to large-scale businesses, Food4Kids has been providing healthy food packages to elementary school students from low-income homes in Southern Ontario for five years running. Thanks to Cars 4 Cures car donation program, the organization has been provided with additional funding to address child hunger. Children with limited or no access to food on the weekend can now enjoy the feeling of satiety any day of the week. 

In Hamilton alone, there are currently 1,500 kids with limited or no access to food during weekends, several more in the rest of Southern Ontario. These children arrive at school Monday mornings irritable and unable to focus after the dreaded weekend. Food4Kids has changed this reality in Hamilton and Southern Ontario with their dedicated volunteers and weekly food donations.

Every Friday during the school year, volunteers prepare non-descript backpacks filled with nutritious food and deliver them to select children in surrounding schools. This helps alleviate worry for that child about where his or her next meal will come from. Food4Kids helps children of families who are struggling with such things as job loss, illness, mental health issues and making sure those children don’t go hungry.

Our Mission 

We believe in collaborative partnerships with respected organizations that share our mission of helping Canadians in need. When you donate your used or damaged vehicle to Cars 4 Cures, you can rest assured that the funds from your donation will stay in Canada and go to an important cause. Whether you have an old clunker rusting in the garage, your elder parent’s car that is no longer being driven or a vehicle that’s in need of expensive repairs—despite being in otherwise decent condition—we can take it off your hands, hassle-free! We reuse and repurpose all spare parts to make the environment a greener place and the lives of those in need a little bit brighter. 

Working Together 

Thanks to its affiliation with charities like Food4Kids, Cars 4 Cures has been proudly supporting children and families from Toronto to Winnipeg and everywhere in between! We look forward to further collaboration with Food4Kids as the organization enters its sixth year of operation. When you donate your old car, trailer, RV, motorcycle or family minivan, you’re helping feed the future. At Cars 4 Cures, we believe eradicating child hunger is a community responsibility, which is why we’ve chosen to help focus resources on children.

Join us in celebrating Food4Kids’ five-year anniversary by donating your old or damaged vehicle! Your car donation will help ensure that the basic human needs of children in your community are fulfilled. For more information on our affiliate charities in Toronto, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga or Barrie, visit our Charities page.

Looking for a free and convenient way to get rid of an unused vehicle? Call Cars 4 Cures today—it can make a world of difference to a Canadian in need.