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The Value of Donating Over Selling Your Old Car

Every owner of an old car has to decide that it's time to get rid of their old car and move on. Perhaps your car simply isn't road worthy anymore, or perhaps it has been in an accident and the cost of repairs far exceeds its value. Or maybe your car still drives, but it's time to upgrade to a safer, more fuel-efficient model.

Whatever the case may be, once you've decided that your old car needs to go, you need to choose whether to sell it for some cash or whether to donate the car to charity. Cars 4 Cures in Winnipeg, Toronto, Southern Ontario and Southwestern Ontario will donate the value of the car or funds received to an affiliated charity on your behalf.

While it may be possible to get some extra cash for your old clunker, it can also be a stressful experience that simply isn't going to be worth your time. You're likely to have a difficult time choosing a price, and likely to have a difficult time getting that price for your old car. Other reasons that you may want to donate is to avoid wasted time sifting through emails and phone calls, having strangers come to your home to look at the vehicle, going on test drives with strangers that you may not feel comfortable with, and having to be inconvenienced to be available for the interested buyers to come by. Donating your car and choosing selflessness over a quick payout can have a great effect on your emotional health and wellbeing. You might not always have the room in your budget to make a difference and help out a charity that you care about, which is why the old car that you probably weren't financially counting on provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Generosity is contagious. Others who see the actions you chose to take will be empowered to do their part and help out a cause that they care about as well. Maybe some of your friends and family will also choose to donate a car to charity. Positive and generous actions, no matter how small or large, can have incredibly positive effects. Seeing those repercussions will make you feel even better about choosing to take the more selfless path.

With Cars 4 Cures, the process making a car donation in Winnipeg or Toronto couldn't be easier. First, you simply call Cars 4 Cures at 1-844-584-2873 or fill out the e-form. In doing so, you get to pick a charity from among one of our many charity partners. Choose a cause that means something you and that's close to your heart. From charities that help fund cancer research to charities that help feed hungry children, Cars 4 Cures partners with esteemed charities that are recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Once you know who you'd like to make a car donation to, Cars 4 Cures will be along within 48 hours to take your car off your hands for free. We will come pick up your car if you are located in Toronto, Southern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario or Winnipeg. We then either repair the car for sale, source it for parts or scrap it, ensuring that proceeds go to the charity of your choice. Once the charity receives your contribution, you receive a tax receipt and a reminder of the difference you've made by choosing to help out rather than pocket a bit of extra cash for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Cars 4 Cures, or if you'd like to make a car donation in Winnipeg, Toronto, Southern Ontario or Southwestern Ontario then don't hesitate to contact Cars 4 Cures today.