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Wondering how your car donation will help these important charities?

At Cars 4 Cures, we guarantee the funds from your car will go to important causes.

Read on and find out what these Canadian charities do to help those in need in communities in Ontario and Manitoba and all across Canada. You can even view testimonials from survivors and the charities themselves.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada
Pancreatic Cancer Canada is committed to improving pancreatic cancer survival by fostering research and creating hope through awareness, education and patient support.
They focus on supporting research into detection, effective treatment options, raising awareness, providing support and resources to patients and their families, advocating for increased funding, and ultimately finding a Cure.
See the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Co-Founder Video Testimonial

541 Eatery & Exchange
541 Eatery & Exchange’s mission is to address the needs of the local Hamilton community in tangible ways. They provide delicious, nutritious meals affordable to all run by a team of volunteers. 541 works on a button system or a pay-it-forward system. These buttons are a type of currency. Each is worth $1 and can be purchased by customers from the cashier. The buttons go into the button jar and are used by others who can't afford a nutritious meal. Regardless of a person’s background or ability or inability to pay, all customers receive the same high quality treatment and food, all in the same place.
See a video interview with Founder Sue Carr at 541 Eatery & Exchange

Speaking of Dogs Rescue
Speaking of Dogs Rescue has helped thousands of dogs since its inception. All dogs entering their rescue arm are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and have any and all their medical needs attended to. The majority of dogs (often seniors), are taken from shelters but they also help any dog in need when space and finances permit. Dogs are lovingly cared for in foster homes until a suitable forever placement is found.

The Food4Kids program was inspired by a 10 year old boy, who waited outside the locked doors of a school breakfast program. The program was to start at 8:15 and the child stood outside at 7:15 in the dark, in the cold and alone. He explained he had not had any food on the weekend and was hungry. Could he please have some food? Their mission is to provide healthy food to elementary school students from at-risk, low-income or disadvantaged homes with limited or no food during weekend periods and summer months. They believe child and youth hunger is a community responsibility and by working together we can provide a solution-based program that addresses, responds to and eventually can eliminate child hunger in our shared community.

Boys and Girls Clubs
Boys and Girls Clubs provides a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. The funding from the support from Cars 4 Cures can feed 150 children an after school snack for a month, or feed 25 children dinner each evening for two weeks.
For more than 60 years, Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton have been at the forefront of empowering and encouraging children and youth to live healthy lives. Over 4,000 children and youth living in Hamilton, count on Boys and Girls Clubs for guidance and support. By providing young people with access to structured, enriching recreational and social programs outside of school, their peer relationships, emotional health and academic performance can flourish. Boys and Girls Club programs are relevant, affordable and accessible to all children and youth. The Clubs take a preventative approach to tackling a broad range of critical issues facing young people today including: fitness, education, nutrition, safety, youth employment, violence, sexuality, homelessness and substance abuse.

Distress Centre Halton
Distress Centre Halton supports people in the Halton region and surrounding communities to better cope with crisis, loneliness, and emotional stress. They are a community-based organization that provides support to individuals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their service improves the health and wellness of our community and the quality of life of those who are alone, isolated and vulnerable.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is dedicated to ensuring that every child treated at the Children’s Hospital – HSC Winnipeg receives the best medical care possible.
Whether you have children or not, chances are you have been touched by the joy that a child can bring. As a supporter of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, you are making an investment in the future of over 120,000 children that are treated here each year.
The Mission of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is to be an independent agency whose purpose is to raise and distribute funds for the advancement of knowledge and care in the fields of child health research and, thereby, contribute to the improved health of children everywhere.
Established in 1971, the Children’s Hospital Foundation works to support the special healthcare needs of children through reliable and consistent funding of pediatric medical research, as well as equipment and programs at Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg.