Donate Your Car for Free in Toronto, Southern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario & Winnipeg

Donating a vehicle with Cars 4 Cures has a whole host of benefits for everyone involved. Not only will you be helping one of your favourite Canadian charities, it is also a surprisingly easy process! When you are ready to donate a car in Toronto and Winnipeg, all you have to do is give us a call or complete our eform to schedule a pick-up at your earliest convenience. Once that has been arranged, we will come to your location within 24-48 hours and tow the car away for free. You do not even have to be home if your busy schedule does not allow you to be on the premises. Yes, it really is that simple! This donation is tax deductible and will give you the great satisfaction of having helped people in need. And remember, we accept trailers, recreational vehicles, boats, tow trailers, and motorcycles as well as cars. The vehicle can also be in any condition, with or without damage. 

Prepare Your Vehicle for Pick-Up
Before you donate your unused or unwanted vehicle to charity, it is important that you take the time to make sure all of your personal effects are accounted for. Check the trunk and look around the inside of the vehicle (especially under the seats) for items that you want to keep. That includes car seats, seat covers, personalized license plate frames, and everything in the glove compartment. You should also remove the license plate so it can be placed on another vehicle or be returned to the Ministry of Transportation for a partial rebate.

The vehicle will be collected within 24 to 48 hours at no expense to you. This service applies to residents in Toronto, GTA, Southern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, Barrie, and Winnipeg. If you are unsure if you are located within our service area, call our 24/7 help line at 1-844-584-2873!

We Understand That You Cannot Always Be Available

At Cars 4 Cures, we understand that it is not always easy to be home for the pick-up of your vehicle. To make this process stress free, we can pick up your vehicle without the need for you to be home! This will ensure you can go about your day without having to be burdened to wait for a tow truck to come to your residence. If this option is more practical for your lifestyle, we only ask that after you have arranged for your pick-up, that you prepare the vehicle with three easy steps.

1. Remove any personal items you wish to keep
2. Place the vehicle’s keys and signed vehicle portion of the ownership in the glove compartment or in your mailbox (whichever you prefer)

3. Leave the car unlocked

Choose a Charity & Make a Difference
If you own a broken-down vehicle, one that you have not driven in years, or don’t want the hassle of selling yourself, it is not doing you any good. It could, however, be helping someone else. When you donate your used car to Cars 4 Cures, we accept the vehicle in any condition and repair it or source it for parts. All of the funds from donated vehicles stay in Canada and go toward a highly regarded partner charity of your choice: The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, Pancreatic Cancer Canada, Food4Kids, 541 Eatery & Exchange, Boys and Girls Clubs, Speaking of Dogs, and Distress Centre Halton. You can donate in your name or in honor of or in memory of a friend or family member. No matter how you go about it, you will be helping someone else in our community in a huge way!

Cars 4 Cures is one of the few local companies accepting vehicles on behalf of charities. We understand how to document charitable donations and can answer any questions you may have. We ensure the process is easier than having to sell or trade in your car! Our team is very helpful and will walk you through every step. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your fast, no-fuss vehicle pick-up!

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