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Imagine No Car Expenses with Junk Car Removal in Toronto

You’ve waited long enough. That old car is incurring expensive parking fees. It’s time to pull the trigger and get rid of your car while also making a charitable donation with junk car removal in Toronto from Cars 4 Cures. We will come to your home to pick up your donation, tow it away for free, and the organization of your choosing will send you a receipt after they receive your generous donation. Our junk car removal in Toronto not only costs you nothing – it’s tax deductible. Don’t wait any longer to get rid of that eyesore, call Cars 4 Cures today!

Go Green with Car Removal in Toronto

If you, like many Torontonians, are environmentally conscious or are in the process of going green, you may already know the environmental benefits of car removal in Toronto. In case you are unaware, here are some of the ways your donation with Cars 4 Cures can benefit your environment and your neighbours:

  • Old cars can be recycled. When you donate a car through Cars 4 Cures, not only will you be making a charitable donation, your car will be properly recycled. On average we can recycle between 85-90% of the entirety of the cars we receive. Rest assured that the parts we are unable to recycle will be disposed of safely with the health of our environment in mind. 
  • Old cars are less fuel-efficient and burn dirtier. Older vehicles were not made to stand up to the current emissions and fuel-efficiency standards that modern vehicles are held to. Getting these older models off the street can help reduce carbon emissions, and buying a more fuel-efficient car can help reduce your fuel costs.

Whatever your reasons are for getting rid of an old vehicle, if you need car removal in Toronto, turn to Cars 4 Cures and make a difference!

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